I cannot believe that this kind of thing has to be said, but here is a quick list of some of the AAVE terms that I see whites using that they need to stop, now. This is just stuff I see on tumblr or in every day life, not necessarily everything that’s AAVE.

• dig/dig it/ you dig
• “this guy/girl” or “this fucking guy/girl”
• for sure/fo sho/for real
• “know what I’m saying”
• ___ game strong/ ____ game like.
• side eye
• ya’ll
• hella
• dope
• finna
• thirsty

There are literally thousands more, but these are the ones I see regularly and seriously, if you’re not a poc, you need to STAAAAAAHP.

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    Yall is southern slang honey. Now I’m finna bust yalls thirsty asses good day
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    Oh we’re sorry. We’ll stop using phrases because we’re white and it’s not okay.. be fucking serious. Slang is slang....
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    This is ridiculous oh my god do you not understand how language and culture work Someone with “misandry” in their...
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    the OP is very wrong and very not black so like how about they not tell us what we want white people to say or not say...
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    source is countersignal, but I think it’s even worse without the commentary.
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    nope, yiddish isn’t allowed to exist. check ur not-brutally-oppressed-by-the-Vampire-of-the-Continent privilege,...
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    i saw this and my face lit up. this of course means that goyim aren’t allowed to use yiddish words, ever. putz, shtick,...
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    ok but u white tho
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    thats a real intradasting conversation here but can i hold up and state that what’s happening right now, AAVE and...
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    this fucking girl, you know what i’m sayin?